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A New Take on Addiction

Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/johann_hari_everything_you_think_you_know_about_addiction_is_wrong#

Staying Focused In A Hyper World (Volume 1)

Patients are no longer the focus of our medical system. The only true “health care” that exists is the empowered human! We have fallen down the rabbit hole and traded health for the almighty dollar and prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States and the side effects detrimental to health. An MD should be your last stop along the path of health and wellness.  Start with natural solutions and take care of the smaller health problems before they grow into BIG health problems.

I was perusing through Gaiam TV and came across an interview with John Gray about his book Staying Focused In A Hyper World – what a FIND!

Remember your health is your wealth; do NOT give it away to Big Pharma!  This book is an enlightening journey along the path of health and wellness and I highly recommend it. If you have a loved one that suffers from ADHD, Autism, Depression, Alzheimers, Dementia, … it is a MUST READ.  The key to getting back to optimal health is within reach.  Become a DIY Health Care Advocate for yourself, your family and everyone in your circle of influence – your FUTURE depends on it.

Staying Focused in a Hyper World Volume 1

“For the past 30 years, John Gray has taught us how we are different and given us new insights into better communication and stronger relationships. We need more than new communication skills and an understanding of our differences to have healthy relationships these days. We also need the nutritional support necessary for positive moods, sustained energy and most importantly, focus. Without focus, communication breaks down in all relationships and frustration increases. Without focus in romantic relationships, passion is lost and there is an increase in breakups and divorces. Without focus at work, people are increasingly dissatisfied and bored, often feeling unappreciated, distracted, exhausted or overwhelmed. Without focus, our lives lose purpose, we are easily distracted, forgetting what we are here for or never realizing what is most important in life. In the midst of our accelerated progress, our modern society has lost our way. We have a greater consciousness of new possibilities but we feel less connected in our relationships due to our loss of focus. John Gray has devoted the past 20 years to researching mental health and its effect on our relationships. He has reviewed thousands of medical studies and traveled the world to find ancient remedies for improving one’s mind, mood and focus. Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory And Brain Performance shares these findings and offers practical strategies for increasing focus, clarity, memory, motivation and sustaining positive moods. Gray explains what causes ADHD in children and how it is the underlying cause for many health issues later in life, including dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and even Parkinson’s Disease. He details the varied forms of ADHD, from hyperactivity to daydreaming and he provides step-by-step protocols for treating a number of common ailments with natural supplements and lifestyle changes.”  Source: Amazon

Golf Movie The Squeeze

The Squeeze Golf MovieFamily Friendly Golf Movie Available on DVD & Video on Demand June 9th: Golf Movie The Squeeze


LOS ANGELES, CA –(May 13, 2015)- New family friendly caper movie with a golf twist, THE SQUEEZE DVD, will be available on DVD at various retailers, and on most major Video on Demand providers, June 9th.

THE SQUEEZE is about a humble young man from a small rural town who gets caught in between two notorious gamblers in high stakes golf matches until the stakes become life and death. It stars Jeremy Sumpter, Jillian Murray, Christopher McDonald and Katherine LaNasa. Seven-time Emmy award winner and legendary sports producer Terry Jastrow wrote and directed this highly acclaiming film.

Notable figures previewing THE SQUEEZE have praised it:

Jack Nicklaus, Greatest Golfer of All Time: “I watched THE SQUEEZE with Barbara and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun movie that tells an interesting story, and the golf elements are so real you actually believe it could happen.”

Judy Rankin, Top Female Golf Commentator: “You keep saying to yourself “and this is based on a true story!” Incredible. A must see movie.”

Tom Watson, 8-major championship wins: “Director Terry Jastrow injects reality into the scenes that golfers will find both familiar and believable, which has been sadly lacking in all previous golf movies.”

Phil Mickelson, 5-major championship wins: “THE SQUEEZE is a wonderful golf movie because it’s so authentic. It hooks you in the beginning and stays interesting and entertaining right to the end.”

Jim Nantz, CBS Sports Top Announcer: “THE SQUEEZE is written and directed by legendary golf producer Terry Jastrow, and produced by his wife Anne Archer. It’s a good one too. Very impressive.”

Bob Costas, NBC Sports Host Announcer: “Perfect cast, cleverly written, beautifully shot… I loved it from the first tee to the 18th green.”

Al Michaels, NBC Sports Top Announcer: “The script is wonderful, especially the end which came as a surprise! Christopher McDonald and Michael Nouri turn in boffo performances. Sign them up for the sequel – now.”

In addition to comments by notable people, THE SQUEEZE has received over 50 positive reviews across multi-media channels.

THE SQUEEZE is the perfect entertaining summer movie rated PG-13, suggested retail price $20.99.

Mary Beth Lacy
PH:  760-346-6942

Vaccine Insanity

This is so flipping crazy I can’t even wrap my head around it. Our bodies are super intelligent. We grow hearts, arms, brains and an immune system. Injecting babies with drugs during development at this rate is alarming. I can see why so many new mothers put up their hands and say no to vaccines (Bravo). This is insanity. We have become a chemical sh*t storm! Get loud, share knowledge = knock Big Pharma off their mountain. Little souls are NOT for SALE.

immunizations birth to 6 years old

Epigenetics And Narcissistic Abuse

About Melanies Radio Show on Epigenetics and Narcissistic Abuse

“This radio show was prompted by me as a result seeing Bruce Lipton live not long ago. This is a conversation that is very relevant to how we can recover from narcissistic abuse. In this show I discuss how our old Darwinian and Newtonian science models rendered us powerless compared to the new science of epigenetics. This is huge … really. Because it changes the entire concept of humankind. Literally – I am not exaggerating. Hence why I am really excited to be bringing you this show.”

Melanie Tonia Evans Quanta Freedom Healing: a profound healing to transform your life.  The more you know the more you grow and heal. “Quanta Freedom Healing is the healing system which revolutionizes how to heal from narcissistic abuse. It transcends mere “survivor” recoveries (trying to manage ongoing symptoms) by creating “Thriver” recoveries, whereby the individual is more empowered, whole and joyful than they have ever been, even before being narcissistically abused.”

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program by Melanie Tonia Evans

Book Recommendation: The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles

Sugar is Addictive

Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days

Dr. Mark Hyman explains new research shows that sugar is biologically addictive; the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. The good news is that people can break the sugar addiction in 10 days.

  • Average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar a year (22 tsp a day)
  • Kids consume 34 teaspoons a day (1 in 4 teenagers are pre diabetic)
  • 70% of Americans are overweight
  • 40% of kids are overweight
  • Sugar is biologically addictive; 8x as addictive as cocaine
  • The more you eat; the more you crave – do a total body reboot

You can be sweet without consuming the white stuff!

Childhood Trauma

Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime!

“Childhood trauma isn’t something you just get over as you grow up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. This unfolds across a lifetime, to the point where those who’ve experienced high levels of trauma are at triple the risk for heart disease and lung cancer. An impassioned plea for pediatric medicine to confront the prevention and treatment of trauma, head-on. ”

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