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McDonald Pest Control provides Residential and Commercial service in the Tampa Bay area.

McDonald Pest Control
Clearwater | Tampa Bay Florida

"Don't pay for services you don't really need."
McDonald Pest Control - call today for bed bug elimination, bee removal and pest and animal control.

Pest Control Services

McDonald Pest Control is more than just another pest control company. All of our representatives are trained in every aspect of pest control. This is important because each pest control company is different. Our pest control company focus is on providing outstanding service and quality products at a fair price. McDonald Pest Control is the pest control company that has the expertise to meet all your commercial and residential pest control needs. We realize you have a choice when choosing a pest control company, and you can be assured McDonald Pest Control can get the job done.

Residential Pest Control

Our Residential Pest Control Programs provide treatment of crawling insects. We service residential and commercial properties. Residential treatment is on a Quarterly, Bi-monthly, Monthly, or Annual basis.

The programs include:

  • Pest Treatment
  • Pest Protection
  • Pest Preventative Measures
  • Interiors as well as up to 3-10 feet away

Commercial Pest Control

Our Commercial Pest Control Programs provide treatment of crawling insects. Commercial treatment is on a Quarterly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly basis.

Call Back Visits IncludedMcDonald Pest Control provides pest control, bee removal and bed bug elimination.

Should you require an extra inside service during the year, for Residential or Commercial service, we will provide it at no extra charge. Any agreements signed for a one year term will receive at no charge “in between” call backs for any reason. If you are experiencing a problem between your scheduled services, simply call our office.

Bed Bug One-Day Heat Treatment Program

McDonald Pest Control is proud to offer expert bed bug solutions to commercial and residential customers who need help fast. Our specialized bed bug treatments utilize alternative treatment methods that are chemical-free and more effective than any pesticide application.

Our program to treat bed bugs is an intensive and very complex treatment. Bed bugs are very difficult to treat and can be very costly. Bed bug heat treatments are recognized by experts in the industry as the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. After a thorough inspection, we can treat single rooms only in a matter of hours, giving you same-day service and assurance that your bed bug problem is under control.

Customers do not have to tent their home and leave for several days; they do not have to throw away their furniture, bedding or any other household possessions due to bed bug infestation. Our service is a one-day service that involves coming into the home and heating the entire property to kill any and all bed bugs no matter where they hide. For commercial properties such as hotels, motels, and other rentals, there are no lost weeks of revenue which can occur when treating with chemicals or by tenting.

At McDonald Pest Control we exercise great discretion in treating your bed bug problems. From large hotels to single bedrooms in your home, we have confidentially helped eradicate bed bugs for numerous customers in the area. We know that bed bugs are not an issue you would like to advertise so our expert technicians are always quick to treat your pest problems and get you "back in business."

We are by far the least expensive in the area, yet offer the exact same results ... if not better. Call us today at (727) 734-0963 to get an inspection.

Tubes in the Wall

This service treats for pest control through pre-installed tubes throughout the home. Many homes were built with this method of pest control. This service includes regularly scheduled visits to treat using these tubes in the wall. Should you need desire an extra treatment between regularly scheduled treatments, call the office to schedule at no extra charge.

Rodent Control

Did you know a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? A rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Trees and bushes provide access to the roof of your house and easy entry for rodents. McDonald Pest Control will not only work to eliminate any rodent issues, but will seek out the point of entry to help prevent any future infestations.

McDonald Pest Control also offers control, capture and removal of other sources of animal pests such as Armadillos, Bats, Birds, Snakes, Opossums and Raccoons.

Fire Ant Program

This is a program specifically designed to treat a fire ant infestation. The program covers the interior, exterior, the entire lawn and the landscape areas for one year. Infestations of any insect are proven to originate from the outdoors. The heart of our infestation programs are based on a well established exterior barrier treatment and the reduction of pest harborages and populations. When exterior barriers are reinforced on a regular basis, the need for interior service is drastically reduced if not eliminated.

Flea Control Program

This program is designed to treat flea infestations. As per the results of our technicians’ evaluation of the infestation, the course of treatment will then be determined. Treatment may be needed interior only, exterior only or both. In most cases, if a property is diagnosed with interior fleas, an exterior treatment is usually recommended.

Tick Control Program

This program is designed to treat tick infestations. As per the results of our technicians’ evaluation of the infestation, the course of treatment will then be determined. Treatment may be needed interior only, exterior only or both. In most cases, if a property is diagnosed with interior ticks, a exterior treatment is usually necessary.

Termite Detection, Prevention and Treatment Services

Termite Detection & Treatment

McDonald Pest Control is a leading authority on termite control. Our passion for furthering research on termites and how to effectively control them has placed us among the leaders in the industry. Our convenient and effective services such as our no-tent treatment as well as 1-day treatments have made McDonald Pest Control the only pest control company to call.

We utilize Green Eye Termite Monitoring & Control Stations. Give us a call today and we will be happy to inspect your home or business to determine how you can best solve your termite problems.

Bee RemovalBees, Wasps, and Hornet Removal Services

McDonald Pest Control offers emergency Bee Removal and Bee Hive Removal services. Do not attempt to treat these insects on your own!

 McDonald Pest Control has highly trained technicians who specialize in controlling and exterminating all stinging insects.

Due to the danger and severity of these particular insects, McDonald Pest Control offers 24 hour, seven day emergency service. We do not want you to get hurt, so please call immediately and leave the danger in our professionally-trained technician’s hands.

Wasp Service

About UsMcDonald Pest Control is a member of Florida Pest Management Association

Let's be honest, no one wants to need pest control but it something we must have. What sets McDonald Pest Control aside from many other companies is that we take the time to explain to you the what, how and why's of the industry.

Specially tailored treatments and programs: McDonald Pest Control feels you should not pay for services you do not really need. And we do not believe in over-treating and using excessive chemicals. So we evaluate each location individually and create a program that is specifically designed to treat the needs of YOUR home, business and/or lawn.

A member of the Better Business Bureau, McDonald Pest Control provides the full range of pest control services for businesses and residences in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Hillsborough and Citrus counties.

We service the following areas in Pinellas County: Belleair, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Shore, Clearwater, Dunedin, Gulfport, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Kenneth City, Largo, Madeira Beach, North Redington Beach, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Redington Beach, Redington Shores, Safety Harbor, Seminole, South Pasadena, St. Pete Beach, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, Tierra Verde and Treasure Island.

Call McDonald Pest Control today at 727-734-0963 or visit them on the web.

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