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Property Damage Attorney

Property Damage Attorney Directory

Law Offices of Joseph A. Porcelli, PA
Property Damage Attorney Tampa Bay

Your hard work and money is invested in your home, commercial building or investment real estate property and when it is damaged due to a sinkhole, storm, fire, flood, water or sewer, toxic mold and mildew, we work hard to protect your property – as well as your safety and the safety of your guests.

Sinkhole Damage
Sinkhole Claims and/or Denials, Settling, Cracking or Collapse

Home or Building Settling or Cracking. House Settling or Cracking? Structural or Water Damage? Click HERE to learn about Sinkhole Symptoms! We can assist you from day one in filing your sinkhole claim with your homeowner’s insurance carrier, helping you reach larger settlements on already confirmed sinkholes or forcing your insurance company to acknowledge the presence of your sinkhole in the case of denials. We can also assist with other Property Damages Claims, including Mold & Mildew, Fire, Flood, Wind, Storm and Lightening claims. Most importantly, for Sinkhole claims, there are NO legal fee unless we collect!

Storm Damage
Hurricane Claims and Disputes, Storm, Wind or Lightning Claims

Property Damage
Fire, Flood, Water or Sewer, Toxic Mold & Mildew Claims

When We Can Help You

We can help you at ALL stages of your Property Damage Claim either before you report the claim, while the claim is pending, if your claim was denied or if your claim not handled properly.  Our goal is to maximize the valuation of your claim as expeditiously as possible.

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