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Seven Oaks Academy

About Seven Oaks Academy
Each child, parent, and staff member is beautifully unique. We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with children from all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and creeds and have delighted in all of them. The staff at Seven Oaks Academy are loving and engaging with years of experience in child development and kindergarten academic foundations for preschool children. We strive to provide a connected family atmosphere that will facilitate the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child. Our goal is to provide a culture of loving kindness, respect and educational excellence to enable your child to excel to their greatest potential. Children are wonderful gifts and deserve our best attention, love and guidance. Most of the children that come to us are first timers to group day care. For some, it is the first time they are with other children and adults outside their families and our desire is to make sure that experience is one of the good and memorable experiences in their young lives.  If you are looking for child care manassas or infant care manassas please schedule a visit today.

Seven Oaks Academy Mission
Our mission is to prepare our students fully to understand, evaluate, and transform their world as a result of the values taught at Seven Oaks Academy. We have dedicated ourselves to high standards of excellence and academic growth to enhance and promote nurturing through loving kindness, respect through honoring achievements and love through celebrating the children in each step of development. All our programs whether academic, athletic, or social revolve around the understanding that people are very unique and that God has imparted to each person gifts and abilities that should be celebrated and developed.

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