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Born: July 9, 2001
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Are you looking for a cost effective way to promote and grow your local business? is dedicated to helping local businesses grow and thrive by putting them in front of their target market and fertilizing their websites with quality links to increase Search Engine Recognition (critical in today’s digital world).

I spent most of my life in the computer field, since age 15 and graduating with a degree in MIS from the University of South Florida I knew instinctively where everything was heading – online: “Save Gas, Time and Money by doing business locally. The best attorney, restaurant, gift shop, hairdresser, personal trainer, and doctor could be right around the corner in YOUR neighborhood. Get on your bike or walk instead of turning on the ignition. It’s good for your body, your bank account and the environment!”

Now a decade later the problem is with all the JUNK online.  I call the Internet a junk yard and consider myself a digital gardener; weeding through all the trash to find what our community wants to know.  My mission is to save YOU time when you are looking for local business and pertinent information regarding health, fitness, and community.  You don’t need to worry about the businesses on they are worth doing business with.  They ROCK.  I personally know each and every business that has a listing on this site and trust them to do YOU right.

Why waste time wading through millions of websites looking for local information, when it’s all right here – a fast and easy wealth of information on local businesses, restaurants, entertainment, things to do, vacation accommodations, shopping, community events and so much more. If you can’t find something or need any help, please contact me.

You won’t find a more dedicated person (local, experienced, professional) to help you GROW your business. I own a successful local business, not a national corporation looking for a new revenue stream. My economy is the Tampa Bay economy.  I live, work and play in Pinellas County and have for over 30 years. I am invested in helping this area thrive and grow. I understand what it takes to succeed. The knowledge and experience used to promote, grow and build our member businesses is priceless. Mistakes have been made along the way but they don’t get repeated (all mistakes are opportunities to learn) – learn from mine. Most local businesses won’t survive the 2-year cut … don’t be one of them. Contact today to start laying the foundation of success for your business by joining our team.


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