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Bamboo Plant Nursery Local Directory
Pinellas County Florida

Welcome to the Pinellas County Local Bamboo Plant Nursery directory where finding neighborhood Bamboo nurseries in Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Pinellas Park, Seminole, St Petersburg and Tarpon Springs is as easy as A-B-Click.

Bamboo Facts

  • A group of woody perennial evergreen plants within the grass family
  • There are over 1200 identified species worldwide divided into two groups, leptomorph (running) and pachymorph (clumping)
  • There are approximately 150 species of pachymorph (non-invasive clumping) bamboo identified today
  • Clumping bamboo has a natural growth habit of forming tight compact clumps within a rhizome system
  • Grows 3 times faster than trees that make up deciduous or conifer forests which may take 30-50 years to regenerate after harvesting
  • Removes more carbon dioxide than most trees (as much as 2 times the rate) , due to its exceptional growth, and releases oxygen at a continual rate to aid in the world’s global warming
  • It’s a superb “green” product used around the world in crafts, gardening, furniture and home construction, clothing and even food products.
  • It makes an excellent natural and controllable barrier.
  • Its strength and flexibility gives it the ability to bend within a storm and become upright again afterward.
  • Its strength as a building material has been proven to withstand earthquakes.
  • Certain species can tolerate cold temperatures in the teens, many clumping species can withstand temps to 21 degrees without dropping a leaf
  • Found worldwide, from the coldest mountain regions to tropical rainforests
  • It flowers only occasionally and sometimes at intervals of 60 to 100 years. A grove of bamboo may all flower at the same time, followed by the death of the adult plants
  • A natural choice for wind and percussion instruments because of its hollow forms.
  • Has been made to build bicycles, surfboards, bows for hunting

Complimentary Local Listings

  • Bamboo Gardens
    (727) 784-0517 | County Rd 1, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 0000
  • Exotica Inc Landscape Product
    Bamboo and Woven Wood Products – Wholesale
    (727) 328-8841 | 2134 44th St S, St Petersburg, FL 33711-3038
  • Bamboo Tropical
    Bamboo and Woven Wood Products – Wholesale
    (727) 734-0999 | 500 Douglas Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 0000
  • Bamboo Gardens
    Bamboo and Woven Wood Products – Wholesale
    (727) 784-0517 | 1200 Virginia Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683-4441

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