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NuCeutra’s Soothing Natural Pain Relief Cream is formulated to relieve localized pain caused by injury, arthritis, muscle aches, and overactive pain signals in the nervous system. Can also be used to alleviate itchy skin. Contains antibacterial properties. NuCeutra powerful Pain Relief Tablets treat aches and pains caused by injury, inflammation, neuropathy, and deficiencies in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Take daily for chronic pain conditions.

CBD stimulates the bodies endocannabinoid system which helps promote homeostasis in the body, reduces the sensation of pain and inhibits inflammation.

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Institute of Cannabis Research
The ICR is the nation’s first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution. The primary function of the Institute is the generation of knowledge that contributes to science, medicine, and society through investigation of the benefits and risks associated with cannabis. Research findings are used to translate discoveries into innovative applications that improve lives.

Water Soluble CBD vs. CBD Oil
According to the World Health Organization, CBD has an estimated 6% bioavailability due to poor aqueous solubility. This means for every 100mg used, the body only absorbs 6mg; a common problem with all oil-based medications and prescription drugs. Water Soluble CBD delivery mechanisms are optimized for absorption and yield much better results for the user.

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