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Venessa Bornost, P.A. – DUI Attorney
An arrest for DUI can be an overwhelming and confusing time as one is confronted with the criminal and civil process simultaneously. Call my office, you will speak directly with me to discuss your case, concerns, or questions.
Phone: (727) 330-7800
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Morris Law Firm, P.A.
Have you been arrest for a DUI in Pinellas County? Driving under the influence in Florida is a complex matter that goes well beyond your day in court. You could face harsh penalties, including jail time and fines, along with a lifetime of consequences. After a DUI arrest, your driver’s license is at risk and it can be taken from you in a matter completely separate from your trial. Being without a driver’s license is more than an inconvenience, and a lack of identification can cause severe problems in your personal and professional life. Your future and your way of life is in the balance, and you cannot afford to be misrepresented.
Phone: (727) 388-4736
111 Second Avenue NE, Suite 515, St Petersburg, FL
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Email: info@morrislawfl.com
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Member Since: 09/24/2010

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