Say goodbye to POOP … call 727-224-7886 today!  A poop-free yard is a healthy yard. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! A Super Pooper Scooper. Residential & commercial pet waste removal. A trained scoop technician will clean all the pet waste from your yard and double bag the waste.

A trained scoop technician will clean all the pet waste from your yard on a weekly basis and double bag the waste.  For your dogs safety, after each clean up, all of our equipment is disinfected including the technicians shoes!

Residential & Commercial Pet Waste Removal
Our technician will come to your home or business on a regular schedule and completely clean all the pet feces from your yard and double bag the waste, leaving you a clean safe place for you to entertain, your children to play, and your pet to play. After every yard, all of our equipment is cleaned and disinfected with a Parvocide to prevent the spread of disease. After clean up, a notice will be left on your door to let you know we were there and your yard is clean.

Poop Facts

  • Dog feces is a protein by-product. As such it will kill most lawns, not fertilize.
  • Being protein, the feces will attract rats. Rats will eat the undigested protein found in the fecal matter.
  • Poop makes a perfect breeding ground for many varieties of flies.
  • Dog poop can carry a number of zoonatic (transferable between animal and human) diseases.

Health Issues

  • Women who are pregnant are at risk of several zoonatic diseases from dog feces. If you are pregnant, wear a mask when you scoop.
  • Children have open cuts, sores, and dirty hands. Even though you cannot see the fecal matter, does not mean that fecal matter is not present. Round worms, tape worms, and whip worms can have eggs remaining in the soil waiting for a host. A child puts a dirty hand in their mouth and transfers an egg.
  • People with suppressed immune systems. Those who are taking drugs that lower the immune system should not scoop dog feces. They are once again at risk from disease.

Environmental Issues

  • Dog feces is not fertilizer. In fact, it will kill the grass.
  • Dog feces can get into the ground water and pollute our drinking water.
  • Storm drain run off is made up of animal waste. It will increase the chance of an algae bloom causing a water plant and fish kill.
  • The increase in protein can cause a Red Tide outbreak in the gulf.

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Special Discounts Available: Senior citizens (over age 65), active military, first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics, etc.) disabled citizens, service dog owners, and foster dog families.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I’m glad I spotted the sign on your truck. We were looking for a service to clean the dog waste from our yard. We absolutely love your service.” – N.S. St. Petersburg.
  • “I heard about pet waste clean-up services and was glad I found you in the phone book.” – P.R. Clearwater.
  • “We know when we entertain our yard will be clean and ready for our guests.” – J.D. Indian Rocks Beach.
  • “Thank you for the past year of excellent service.” – R. S. Kenneth City
  • “Thank you! It was a nice yard to come back to!” – R.S. Seminole
  • “You are a life saver. Thank you for coming out on such short notice.” – C.B. Seminole

About Us

blue-diamond-paul-cheslerWe are a family-owned and operated local business. Paul, our head technician, has been a dog owner and pet enthusiast for over 45 years. He has been involved in dog related events and programs for over 20 years.

Some of you may remember the Mutt Derby at Derby Lane. Paul was the chair of that event for over 10 years.

Don’t forget we do clean-ups for doggie parties and other pet-related events. Our company also volunteers at charity dog events to assist with the pet waste clean-up.

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