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X-Fit Seminole

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High intensity training targeting all muscle groups utilizing weights, bodyweight, and cardio.

Start Your New You Today!

HIIT workouts and training at high intensities have numerous health benefits, including faster weight loss along with more fat-burning and muscle-building.  HIIT workouts can be done quickly and require less frequency in order to maintain strength.

  • Don’t spend endless hours at the gym or on the jogging trail.
  • Get fast weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain results in less time.
  • No more boring long cardio workouts.

X-Fits program includes Cardio, Resistance Training, Weight Training, Weight Loss, Olympic Weight Training, Strength & Conditioning!  Get fit from head to toe.

weight training seminole

Our address

9360 Oakhurst Blvd Oakhurst Plaza Seminole, FL 33776
27.8572647, -82.83054759999999

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