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Kickboxing Pinellas County FL Local Directory

Welcome to the Pinellas County Local Kickboxing directory where finding neighborhood Kickboxing in Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Pinellas Park, Seminole, St Petersburg and Tarpon Springs is as easy as A-B-Click.

  • Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Muay Thai
    Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Muay Thai training center has been around since 1992. We focus on Personal Training, Fitness, Yoga, Kickboxing, Muay Thai for Fighters, Street Combat Self-defense and Martial Arts for adult/children.
    (727) 573-8589 | 2685 Ulmerton Rd., # 210, Clearwater, FL 33762
    Category: Kickboxing
  • MA Fitness St Petersburg
    The MOST Effective 45 Minutes in Fitness for Men and Women!  Most fitness centers that teach fitness kickboxing classes are doing more of an aerobics-styled class with punches and kicks. The participants are not hitting anything but the air. All of our kickboxing classes are done on a heavy bag to add that resistance. Kickboxing on a heavy bag is one of the best exercises you can perform. It burns more calories per hour than practically any other aerobic activity. When you’re hitting the heavy bag, you’re getting the resistance of the bag. Anyone who has hit a heavy bag for an extended period of time knows how fatigued his or her muscles can get! MA Fitness kickboxing class is a 45-minute class that begins with a warm up of jumping jacks or jumping rope, followed by shadow fighting and dynamic standing stretches. You then put your gloves on and head to your heavy bag and the fun ensues . The class ends with a round of Abs and pushups and cool down static stretches. This class structure allows you to maintain a target heart rate and burn the maximum amount of calories over an extended period of time, just like if you were running or cycling. The activity of punching and kicking the bag can be done at a pace that gives you the same health benefits of any other aerobic activity.
    Phone: (727) 392-3198
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