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Deirdre CavenerMaze of Life Coaching
Are you happy?  Are you ready for a change?  Is your life stagnant? Do you know deep down inside there is something more? Are you ready to evolve?  The journey of self awareness and living a life on purpose are the most important tasks you can undertake in this lifetime. If the clock is ticking and you are ready for big change I can help quicken your journey and provide you with tools to get you living your life on purpose. Call me today at 727-424-6703 for a free consultation to see if we are a fit for your growth plan.

I will encourage you to discover and achieve your potential. I help you identify your dreams (remember those?), recognize what’s standing in your way (beliefs), and guide you in creating a happier and more passion-filled life. I help you discover your Life’s Purpose and guide you along the path of Self Actualization.  The journey into “Knowing Thyself” is an investment each and every human being should make.  Why are you here?  How can you transform your life and add excitement, bliss and creativity into your daily existence?  I have the tools and experience to help you navigate back to self and re-chart a new path.  It is never too late to transform your Life and squeeze all the juice out and drink up every drop.  I love people, I love empowering and helping people reach their potential, I was born to coach and mentor!

Deirdre Cavener, PhD, CHLC
“Wisdom can only be gained through experience.”
Life Coach, Mentor, Beliefs Change Reprogramming, Personal Evolution, Weight Loss & Fitness, Spiritual Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, Clutter & Minimalism Coach.
Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC)
(727) 424-6703
Website: Life Coach
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What is a Life Coach?

Personal Life Coaches work with clients on their self-relationship as well as how you interact with others, your career, your spirituality, your priorities, creating more work-life balance, productivity, motivation, habits, and patterns. They tend to take on a more holistic perspective.

Health & Wellness Coaches focus on helping individuals and/or groups change their lifestyle to improve overall health and well-being. This could include revamping a diet, increasing self-care regimen, and developing a workout routine. Certain health and wellness coaches specify in certain lifestyle changes such as going sugar free, gluten free, vegetarian, and/or vegan. Health and wellness coaching can also extend to a holistic perspective to include spirituality, relationship, and self-confidence aspects.

Life Coach Certifications, Training, Schools

Holistic Life Coaching
Life Coach Certification Online
Do you want to conduct life-coaching, write books, do training or speaking, practice holistic arts, conduct pastoral social work, and more. This specialization will teach you our proprietary style of coaching called Life Leadership Coaching –A Transpersonal Approach to Self-Completeness. This intensive program teaches students many practical life skills with the intention of better helping clients, as well as many specific coaching/counseling techniques. Life Coaching focuses on helping clients achieve goals and overcome personal and professional challenges whereas Spiritual Counseling primarily addresses the spiritual nature of client issues and is an integral part of pastoral counseling. Students will learn techniques for both modalities so that they may be better equipped to address a variety of client needs. Graduates are provided with a full complement of discovery and analysis forms as well as two different behavioral profiles to use in their practices and training.

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