How to Lose Weight Fast

How to burn fat and lose weight fast!

Ready to find out how to lose belly fat and lose weight fast? There are two major fuel sources that the body uses – stored sugar and fat. The Fat burning hormones trigger the fat in the body which is then absorbed by the fat enzymes and release ketones (which is an efficient source of energy). Fat making hormones trigger the storage of sugar and convert sugar into fat. Most people are burning sugar which then converts to glucose and not burning fat – lose weight fast (cut the sugar/carbs).

The single most important factor that determines whether a person burns belly fat or sugar is the hormone Insulin. Even in a smaller amount Insulin can stop the body from burning belly fat. Insulin (or Sugar) has to be zero in order to burn fat fast. Ketosis is the healthiest fat burning foods for the heart, brain. For Ketosis, Carbohydrates has to be 5-10%, Proteins should be 25%, Fats should be 65-80% in a daily diet.

Source: Dr. Eric Berg
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